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Barlow Outfitting operates under a special use permit from the USDA Forest Service, Bridger Teton National Forest (Jackson Ranger District, Big Piney Ranger District, Blackrock Ranger District), Caribou / Targhee National  Forest (Teton Basin Ranger District, Ashton Ranger District), Bighorn National Forest (Tongue Ranger District, Powder River Ranger District, Medicine Wheel Ranger District), the Bureau of Land Management (Buffalo Field Office), and the Wyoming State Land Board.

Licensed by the Wyoming Board of Outfitters & Professional Guides:
License #BG279.

Barlow Outfitting is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Service Provider.


Our Guides


Cindy Barlow


Cindy Barlow, Cindy was born and raised in Wyoming, and grew up training horses. Hunting and fishing have always been a part of her life. Cindy raised 3 wonderful sons on a ranch at the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains. She enjoys guiding hunters every year and enjoys riding in the mountains in the summer, as well as playing her violin and growing a beautiful garden. Cindy just absolutely loves the Wyoming outdoors and loves being a wife, mother and grandmother.


Zach Rogers


Zach Rogers: Zach and his hounds treed his first mountain lion at age 10, he has run hounds ever since and has become very well known for his houndsman abilities. Zach really enjoys guiding hunters and has the perfect personality for it. He has guided many trophy big game animal hunts for clients as well as taken some tremendous trophies himself. Zach lives in Buffalo Wyoming with his wife Ashley and they are expecting a new baby boy.

Ben Rogers

Ben Rogers: Ben loves hunting as much as anyone God ever put on earth! Ben is a meticulous hunter and guide, an excellent houndsman, and an excellent fly fisherman. Sometimes Ben likes to push the limits on his snowmobile and motorcycle, and does it with a smile. Ben lives in Story Wyoming with his wife Maaret who is a nurse, and their dogs and horses. Ben loves to guide and is always ready to go.


Nate Rogers


Nate Rogers: Nate has been around hunting and horses his whole life. He started team roping at a young age and has not slowed down. He was the Wyoming State High School Champion Header and has won the Johnson County Fair, as well as numerous jack-pot ropings, and he has won many buckles. Nate loves to guide in the fall and is an all around top hand. He aspires to be an outfitter. Nate spends the winter months in Arizona roping and training young horses.