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Barlow Outfitting operates under a special use permit from the USDA Forest Service, Bridger Teton National Forest (Jackson Ranger District, Big Piney Ranger District, Blackrock Ranger District), Caribou / Targhee National  Forest (Teton Basin Ranger District, Ashton Ranger District), Bighorn National Forest (Tongue Ranger District, Powder River Ranger District, Medicine Wheel Ranger District), the Bureau of Land Management (Buffalo Field Office), and the Wyoming State Land Board.

Licensed by the Wyoming Board of Outfitters & Professional Guides:
License #BG279.

Barlow Outfitting is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Service Provider.


Wyoming High Country Mule Deer Hunts


We hunt high timberline bucks from mid-September to mid-October. Big mule deer are one of the toughest North American trophies to hunt. They live up in high in steep and rugged country, and our hunters must be prepared for some long and hard hunting.


We utilize our horses as much as possible, but good physical condition is necessary once we are up in the high country to spot and stalk our big bucks.


Western Wyoming has always been known for its throphy big mulies, but they didn't grow that big by showing themselves very often.